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In our shop, you can get a range of specialized products for the care and prevention of diseases your pet and enjoying a hair salon canine and feline both


Dog and Cat grooming is available from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings during the Clinics regular hours. Please make an appointment.


Our grooming service includes:


-Prescribed veterinary baths for those patients with skin problems.

-Baths with normal and special shampoos for particular skin types (or if dermatitis is present).

-Ear cavity cleaning.

-Nail trimming.


-External cleaning of parasites with quality products.

-Hair-cutting and styling depending on the animals needs and the owners wishes. We have catalogues available from which you can decide whatever kind of cut you prefer.


The cleanliness of our installations and tools is guaranteed; everything is sterilized and disinfected daily.

Animal Dietary Products

In the entry to our clinic we have stocked a wide variety of top-quality foodstuffs that include veterinary prescribed foods. These include:


-High-quality foods available only to veterinary clinics.

-Prescribed foods for dietary and general animal care & maintenance.

-Tinned foods for certain illnesses & problems.

-Hypoallergenic foods for those animals suffering intolerance to certain foods.


-Puppy milk.


-Teeth-cleaning sweets.

-Wide variety of biscuits.


If there is something you would like and we do not have it in stock, just ask us and we will have it for you in less than 48 hours. We will let you know when to come and pick it up.


Have a look at what we have available, and keep an eye open to offers we periodically advertise. 

Specialized Products

In your shop you will find products designed for the care of, and the prevention of disease in, your pet.


-Ear-cleaning products.

-Foams for dry washing.

-Anti-parasite collars.

-Anti-parasite pipettes.

-Dermatology products (fatty acids for skin care).

-Hypoallergenic shampoos, which help skin problems (physical and anti-parasite).

-Vitamin and mineral supplements.

-Anti-tartar products.

-Tooth brushes with tooth paste incorporated.


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