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Dental Cleaning is a process which eliminates, reduces and/or controls plaque and tartar deposits. Good cleaning prevents periodontal disease as well as other systemic problems such as bacterial endocarditis and sepsis.


Bad oral hygiene is the most common cause of halitosis in pets. Over time this chronic infection can cause teeth-loss, root abscesses, and nasal-buccal fistulas which are accompanied by intense pain and which prevent the animals ingesting solid foods.


Clínica Veterinaria Mediterránea counts among its equipment an ultrasound cleaner that guarantees the efficient cleaning of plaque and tartar. Annual cleaning is recommended for small dogs from three years and up. In large dogs and cats the frequency of cleaning depends on diet and the animals predisposition.


Ultrasound dental cleaning is done while the animal is anesthetized by inhalation anesthesia and properly monitored, because although it is a generally risk-free intervention, the animal must be completely mobilized to ensure optimal results.

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