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The Clínica Veterinaria Mediterránea boasts a fully-equipped surgery with the highest technologies in place (inhalation anesthesia, artificial respirator, pre-surgical and operating table, articulated tri-focal surgical lamp, magnifying lamp, multi-parametrical monitor, autoclave for sterilizing materials, etc.) which offer the best guarantees for the success of all types of surgical interventions.


The operating room is divided into two, one a pre-surgical prep theatre and the other, the place of actual surgery. We here at the Clinic put at your disposition the possibility of a pre-operative study which assesses the patient prior to surgery and evaluates any potential risks. The study is all-inclusive, including coagulation tests, an ECG, biochemical and blood analysis. Once the patients situation is evaluated, this is explained in full to the owner who, of course, has the last word.


Every one of the team is obsessed with pain control, both intra-operative as well as post-. We use techniques such as epidurals, local anesthetics and analgesic mixtures. We not only want to save the patients life but also to minimize any pain upon their awakening post-surgery. Its the same we would want for ourselves after surgery.


Veterinary Surgery has made enormous advances in the past few years and our surgeons are always up-to-date.


Within General Surgery we find:




The clinics most common operation is sterilization owing to the benefits this gives to the pet and its owner.


-Sterilization increases the quality and length of life in females because it decreases the chances that they will develop uterine infections (thickening of the uterus), tumours and other organ diseases.

-Certain unwanted behaviours also decrease in frequency such as the marking of territory in cats, the unpleasant sounds they make while in heat, as well as reducing male-against-male aggression.


-It prevents the pregnancies which are responsible for so many unwanted animals.


-It eliminates false pregnancies that some female dogs suffer post-heat.

Other common surgeries:


-Oncologic surgery (removal of accessible tumors), most commonly breast tumors
-Tooth extraction
-Entropion & ectropion (the turning in or out of the eyelid)
-Skin growths

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