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The clinics general policy is towards minimizing hospitalization where possible as we understand that the best place for a convalescing animal is at home with its owners.


Nevertheless, in those circumstances where hospitalization is required owing to the gravity of the case, difficulty of treatment and post-operative care, our service incorporates all the latest advances for small animals which offer the best conditions for the animal in circumstances unpleasant for it.


Our Hospitalization Room is spacious, with ten suitably isolated compartments, equipped with assured biosecurity measures which make cleaning and disinfection easy while offering your pet maximum comfort. Oxygen is available for every compartment by way of oxygen therapy as well as temperature control so that each animal is given what its pathology requires.


Each compartment is also equipped with an Intravenous System for those animals that need it. Also, where necessary, the animals vital signs can be monitored.


Our patients who have undergone surgery also benefit from our Hospitalization Service making post-surgical recoveries safe and painless.


Our staff, besides employing their technical expertise, also spend time with and give affection to patients in their time of need.


Lastly, we keep the owner continually informed on the patients evolution by way of phone calls, SMS messages and in visits to our clinic. You decide how you want to stay informed.

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