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The majority of products and techniques that are used on humans are reproduced in the veterinarian surgery with the only handicap being the price. The machines used on human beings are beyond the budgets of 90 per cent of all veterinarian clinics worldwide, however, the great majority monitor the heart rate and breathing of the anesthetized animal and utilize the latest advances in pharmacology, such that anesthesia for animals is now very safe.


In our clinic we use Isoflurane in Inhalation Anesthesia. As such patient recovery post-surgery is rapid and it allows us a greater control over the anesthetic administration. Animals feel no pain while under as they are safely knocked out. Being safer, it reduces the risk to older animals as well as to animals suffering from hepatic, renal, cardiac or epileptic complications.


Anesthesia is preceded by suitable medication on a case-by-case basis, including pain killers to reduce any unnecessary pain in the patient.

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